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Every superhero has an origin story. The Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team in Scarlet Springs is home to a bunch of heroes, but the couple who started it hasn’t yet gotten their story. 

Megs Hall and Mitch Ahearn have been at the heart of the Colorado High Country series from the beginning. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten so many requests for their story, in part because Megs, with her smart mouth and steel spine, is such a popular character. 

Fans of the series know that the two met as young people in Yosemite Valley in the early 1970s, where they helped establish the sport of free climbing. How can I resist writing a story set partly in the 1970s when things were groovy and far out?

Writing this story has been a blast. I was 9 years old in 1973, the oldest child of a semi-pro climber who has at least one first ascent credited to his name (Cadaver Crack on Castle Rock in Boulder Canyon). His climbing partner for that climb was Richard Nixon. No, not that Richard Nixon. Can you imagine being an adult in the early 1970s with the name Richard Nixon? But I digress…

Take Me Higher will be out on August 31 in ebook and paperback. Preorder your digital copy now! Read on for the back blurb to the story. I will share an excerpt soon. 

Tropes: Older couple, small mountain town, forbidden love, celebrity couple, strong heroine, rescue, lifelong love

For fans of the Colorado High Country series comes the love story of the couple who started it all!

He’s the love of her life…

Rock climbing saved Megs Hall. The sport gave her an emotional escape from her abusive stepfather when she was a teen and turned her into a living legend. It also brought her together with the one man who truly understood her. Elite climber Mitch Ahearn believed in her and her abilities at a time when other male climbers just wanted to get into her pants. Somehow, Mitch broke through her armor, helping the shattered girl inside to heal. He became her first and only lover and her best friend. Together, they made history and set the climbing world—and the bedsheets—on fire. 

She’s his only chance at survival…

Forty-eight years later, Megs and Mitch live in tiny Scarlet Springs, Colo. They’ve left professional climbing behind and now put their time and energy into running the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team, using their vertical expertise to save lives. But when their hard-earned climbing vacation ends in tragedy, they find themselves far from home and in desperate need of rescue, with Mitch’s life hanging by a thread. Megs must use all her experience and training to save him.

Will their love be only a memory?

With Mitch gravely injured, Megs finds herself reliving the past, reading the private journals he kept of their adventures together. It’s a bittersweet trip down memory lane, one that reveals Mitch’s innermost thoughts and his deep and abiding love for her. But will they have the chance to make more memories together and live out their happy ending—or have they come to the end of the trail?

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-7352939-8-1

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