Place Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Place Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Place Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Place Living Oyster Mushroom

Because oyster mushrooms can only live in places that contain carbon compounds containing nutrients, vitamins, minerals and nitrogen, it is necessary to place the cultivation of oyster mushroom that contains the nutrient elements. Because carbon serves as a source of energy, nitrogen is useful for the synthesis of proteins, minerals have a role in the preparation of plasma and vitamin acts as a catalyst and enzyme pembantu.Tempat oyster mushroom cultivation will function optimally at a temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Humidity place oyster mushroom cultivation should range in the percentage of 65 to 70%, while the oyster mushroom mycelium starts growing and growing well. While parts of the body will grow oyster mushrooms at the optimum temperature range of 18-20 degrees Celsius, with humidity of 80-85%.

While growing oyster mushroom cultivation in places that are not conditioned properly, will causing impaired growth of oyster mushrooms. Poor absorption of nutrients in the form of nutrients, which can lead to dryness and irritation growth. It could even lead to mold into a die.

In the thermometer in Kumbung 

We recommend that you put a thermometer hanging or can you put on one of the wall sections kumbung or mushroom house. This thermometer is useful for detecting the temperature of the air inside kumbung. Because the temperature in kumbung still must be monitored in order to retain moisture, you should regularly check the thermometer located inside kumbung oyster mushrooms. 

Especially when the weather is sunny temperature checks must be repeated frequently because of a temperature of 10-20 degrees Celsius should be maintained. When the temperature kumbung beyond the temperature, then the entire room in kumbung immediately sprayed with water. If you can maintain the temperature level in the kumbung and can set and maintain appropriate moisture to keep adequate light, the seed had been planted earlier fungus will grow well.

Materials The Oyster Mushroom Cultivation 

Build a real oyster mushroom cultivation place not too expensive. You can choose a lower raw material cost. Such as using bamboo poles combined with the side:. While the roof can be by using palm leaves. In a kumbung measuring 5 times ten meters, you can create multilevel bamboo shelves four. On average every three days can produce six pounds of oyster mushrooms per crop. 

If the price of a kilo of oyster mushrooms about twenty-five thousand dollars, then you can reap gross income one point five million per month from one kumbung alone. What if you have two, three, five or ten kumbung?

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