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Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Techniques For Beginners

Ordinary people on oyster mushroom cultivation techniques definitely consider one of these entrepreneurial activities difficult. Indeed, at first glance this activity seems difficult if not really careful and serious in studying it. However, if it is understood then everything will be easy.

Growing Media 

For the novice farmer, planting medium should buy already neatly packaged in plastic or poly-shaped bottle. There are some farmers who are specialized to produce oyster mushroom growing media to facilitate novice farmers. 

The contents of the polybag is a former sawn wood powder form, mixed with some fertilizer materials that mold can flourish. Then the tubes were sterilized in high temperature so that all the bacteria and germs that can interfere with the growth of oyster mushrooms to die. 

Price a poly bag containing mushrooms growing media reasonably priced. Not going too suck big capital for farmers beginners, so no need to worry to start this business.

Keeping Temperature 

The main concern in oyster mushroom cultivation techniques is, that the fungus thrives only in a certain temperature and specific humidity. So farmers must diligently look at the room where the planting medium is placed to check the temperature and humidity. 

Need temperatures between 16-22 degrees Celsius to create fertile oyster mushrooms. If the temperature in the room started to rise more than 25 degrees Celsius, the water spraying should be done to lower the room temperature. 

Humidity planting space should also be constant at between 60-80 percent. Not more or less. Also, avoid giving too much ventilation indoor planting. Air circulation is too wide to bring in microbes contained in the outside air, thus making the growth of oyster mushroom disturbed.

Patience and Persistence 

The key to success of the implementation of the oyster mushroom cultivation techniques are patient and diligent. Every effort must be confronted with obstacles and hurdles, so patience and persistence is an absolute must. 

Do not hesitate to ask the experts, because learning from the experience of others is wise.

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