Montessori Activities at Home: Toddler to Elementary Get up and Get Moving with Yoga!

Montessori children (and teachers) know the value of purposeful movement and learning. Yoga is a form of purposeful movement that not only improves focus and concentration but also helps regulate emotions and impulse control — which can be critical for both children and adults, especially during times of elevated stress.

Get Moving with Yoga!

There are a number of online resources for yoga, with many studios currently posting additional videos and resources during the pandemic.

One helpful resource is Cosmic Kids, a site that combines yoga and storytelling to get children actively engaged in yoga. Here are some examples:

Lincoln Yoga Center shares videos of yoga lessons appropriate for elementary-age children.

Once you have completed the yoga activity, expand upon the lesson by inviting the children to consider some Cosmic Questions. Cosmic Questions are critical thinking questions that encourage children to consider ideas in a new way, developing their understanding of what Dr. Montessori called cosmic education, the interconnectedness of life. The questions are intended to promote discussion – there are no wrong answers. Following are samples of Cosmic Questions you could ask preschool- or elementary-age children:

NAMC includes discussions about and examples of Cosmic Questions in all five of our Montessori Early Childhood curriculum manuals. Printables of our Cosmic Questions are available on our Early Childhood Curriculum Support Material CD.

— NAMC Staff

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