Make money with ivy!

 Flower basket with ivy

5 ways to make a little extra cash

Life is a drag when
you’re stuck indoors. Maybe it’s freezing outside and you’d
rather not be in it. Or, perhaps you’re avoiding exposure to
viruses. If you love working with plants, you can do it while
sequestered or hibernating. With a little imagination, you can make
some money on the side, too.

Potted ivy, for
example, presents lots of possibilities. Here are 5 things you can
do for fun and profit.

  1. Make topiaries for
    sale or rent. Most ivy varieties are ideal topiary subjects. Topiary
    frames are readily available. The simplest are heart-shaped or
    circular wreaths. Buy them online or make them yourself. Ivy vines
    can be trained against them and grown until they’ve filled out and
    ready to sell. Thankfully, ivy doesn’t take too long to grow. Sell
    them at local farmer’s markets, craft shows, to florists or online. 
  2. Create planters for
    indoors or out. Ivy is gorgeous when cascading over the sides of
    hanging baskets and window planters. Ready-made gardens like these
    can be very popular with people who want people who have limited time
    or energy to create their own. Instant gratification satisfies.
  3. Dress ivies in 3-1/2
    inch pots with colorful fabrics. Sell them to wedding planners for
    table decorations or wedding favors.

  4. Stuff little pots of
    ivy in vintage wall pockets. These will enhance any decor. The ivy
    adds value to these simple decorative objects. Market them to craft
    shops and antique stores.

  5. Take cuttings, root
    and sell them. If you have several ivy plants, you’ll eventually
    need to prune them. The cuttings can be sold rooted or unrooted on
    internet marketplace platforms. Because they’re small, the cuttings
    are easily shipped to buyers just about anywhere.

With a little
ingenuity, you can turn your interest in plants to a profitable side
gig for a little extra cash.

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