Oyster mushroom cultivation way is not as hard as people think in general. It requires good skills but it will feel easier if already started. How and oyster mushroom cultivation techniques that will produce a quality oyster mushrooms and a satisfactory harvest. Many farmers failed oyster mushroom production and mushroom just because of lack of understanding of how the real way and oyster mushroom cultivation techniques correct.

Know How White Oyster Mushroom Cultivation 

How white oyster mushroom cultivation in ancient times are still using traditional means such as by raising oyster mushrooms growing on rotten wood and long dead, wood that has been in the oyster mushroom tumbuhi stored at room humid and a bit dark so that oyster mushrooms can grow well. However, this fungus can not grow betahan long as the required nutrients in the wood are gradually depleted mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are no longer able to grow in the logs. Learning from nature oyster mushrooms here then comes some observers and experts to create a mushroom how to develop and how the cultivation of oyster mushroom.

The development of oyster mushroom cultivation way this time. 

How white oyster mushroom cultivation is now very well developed and very rapidly, with a growing and increasingly the advancement of science and technology, and to present existing oyster mushroom farmers who use advanced technology such as, labor misilium sophisticated, process and cultivation method that uses a machine capable of nmemproduksi baglog oyster mushrooms in many scales. However, so far there are still some problems were found in prososes and how the white oyster mushroom cultivation, such as steaming is less mature, less seteril inoculation process and so forth. So for oyster mushroom growers so on suggest not carelessly in using advanced tools in the process and how the white oyster mushroom cultivation.

Starting a Business Advantage White Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Current: 

  • Operating income in the can somewhat large 
  • Still scarcity of farmers who cultivate oyster mushrooms today 
  • The market demand is very high and is increasing 
  • Oyster mushroom cultivation season so do not know can generate profits continuously throughout the year 
  • Skill needs are not so high 
  • Raw materials are easy to obtain and cheap 
  • The process is relatively easy maintenance 
  • Do not require large tracts of land 
  • The possibility of a very small market stagnation due to a daily consumption. 
  • Oyster mushroom is an alternative food that is tasty, healthy and highly nutritious. 
  • Not cause environmental pollution. 
  • Former compost growing media can be used to fertilize fish ponds, fish feed mixture, a mixture of animal feed, and maintain media worm.

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