How White Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Oyster mushroom production business increasingly become a promising business. Oyster mushrooms can be processed into a wide variety of delicious menu preparations. This makes the market demand is always high oyster mushrooms, especially oyster mushroom cultivation method is not difficult. Anyone can try. 

If you want to cultivate oyster mushrooms, first prepare the tools and materials needed.


  • Quality mushroom spawn. 
  • Water to wet bran. 
  • Bran. 
  • Corn flour. 
  • Dolomite lime to adjust the pH. 
  • Sawdust, should be taken from the powder kayu0 [homogeneous, because of the sawdust to make wood heterogeneous composting process is less than perfect. Avoid using sawdust from resinous wood for timber may lead contaminants. 
  • Cotton. 
  • Log bag.


  • Heating chamber where the temperature can be controlled, used for sterilization of media. 

  • Shelf placement incubation. 

  • Tool for compacting presses mixed media. 

  • Spatula stir the seeds.

Cultivation Techniques 

How white oyster mushroom cultivation are as follows: 

1. Preparation of media 

  • Adding water to the sawdust humidity at 55-65%. 
  • If using a mixture of maize, the composition is a medium chain saw (80%), rice bran (10%), and corn starch (10%), but if no corn starch composition sawdust (15% and 85%). 
  • Add dolomite lime to pH to neutral or about 7. 
  • Mix various media materials many times and make sure everything is mixed evenly.

2. Packaging media 

  • The materials are mixed uniformly incorporated in plastics. 
  • Pres medium dense as possible and attach plastic ring on the mouth and then cover with cotton. Its function is to make the media to enter the mouth of mushroom spawn. 
  • Close ends of cotton and cotton media that is not subject to current steam sterilized.

3. Sterilization 

    How white oyster mushroom cultivation is closely related 

    to the sterilization of media. Good medium should be free 

    of microbial pathogens such as fungi and bacteria. 

    Therefore, the sterilization process must be considered. 

    Here sterilizing techniques: 

  • In order not to bother sterilized instruments, sterilization time of the media, insert the spatula all that will be used to spread seeds. Spatula wrapped in plastic and covered in order after being ejected from the sterilizer is not exposed to contamination. 
  • Tata medium in space heating or sterilizing drums. 
  • Heat over medium until the temperature reaches approximately 90 degrees. Maintain heating at this temperature for 8-9 hours. 
  • Let the drums remain closed at least half a day to avoid evaporation of water at the edge of the plastic due to sudden changes in temperature.

4. Inoculation mushroom spawn 

  • Wash the feet and hands with disinfectant soap to minimize contaminants. Spray hands with 70% alcohol. 
  • Remove the plastic spatula. 
  • Open the lid and stir the seeds seeds with a spatula that has been sterilized. 
  • Go to cotton in the mouth of the media in plastic, then pour the seeds and close the media with the cotton. 
  • Replace the media silence. 
  • Seedlings ready incubated.

5. Incubation 

  • Media that has been given a seed placed in the storage rack. 
  • The incubation period ranges from approximately 40 days at the optimal temperature of 22-28 degrees Celsius.

6. Maintenance 

  • In the maintenance phase baglog cover slightly opened. 
  • Make sure the vent is also smooth so that the supply of oxygen properly fulfilled. 
  • Maintain humidity by sprinkling.

7. Harvesting 

    After the mushroom bodies grow large and wide, 

    mushrooms can be harvested. 

    In addition to the above techniques, the oyster mushroom 

    cultivation method takes into account the farming 

    environment as well as moisture. The more humid the 

    place of cultivation, the risk is higher in contaminants. 

    Therefore, if cultivated in damp areas should reduce the 

    levels of nutrients because nutrients can lead to faster 

    growth of fungi and bacteria.

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