How to Make Seed Oyster Mushroom How to Make Seed Oyster Mushroom

How to Make Seed Oyster Mushroom

To work on the cultivation of oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom spawn to be there. Oyster mushroom seeds as well as seeds of other fungi are not easily obtained in any place. In order to cultivate oyster mushrooms this is how to make the seed.


The first process is taking directly from the parent fungus spores / mature mold. An adult have the blades or the barriers are numerous. Within these blades are part of the so-called Basidia. At the end there Basidia bag containing many spores or also called basidiospore. Spores function is to breed. 

The media used to produce pure culture mushroom consumption is Potatoes Dextrose Agar (PDA) that can be purchased in the form of ready-made. 
F1 hybrids of the tube can be used for the cultivation of oyster mushroom medium scale.


Seed oyster mushrooms F2 (on another blog some call it F1), F2 which I discussed in this blog are the result derived from F1 hybrids. Of the tube can be lowered to 60 F1 F2 seeds bottle. 

Breeding the second phase aims to reproduce the fungus mycelium from a pure culture. Of PDA media is inserted into the grain, the material is in the form of wheat, sorghum and maize. Packaging used bottles.


Of oyster mushroom spawn F2 again be lowered F3 oyster mushroom spawn. media are used similar to those used in F2. Breeding third phase also aims to reproduce misellium of F2 seeds. 

F3 of mushroom spawn can be used for breeding later in the growing media (baglog) to 30 baglog.


Breeding stage four aimed to reproduce the fungal mycelium derived from multiplying the second stage. Culture medium in contrast to the previous culture medium, because of the culture medium is related to the third stage in the growing media kumbung. The material is in the form of sawdust saws, dedek bran, limestone, gypsum, corn flour, and water. Media with a mixture of sawdust and grains considered better since it contains the elements needed fuller fungi.

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