How Profitable Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

How oyster mushroom cultivation is currently being studied by many people because it is considered to have favorable prospects. Oyster mushroom has indeed many advantages, including relatively high profits generated, cultivation is relatively short lifespan. In the market has a high level of behavior. 

Besides, why this way of cultivation of oyster mushroom widely studied by many farmers? Because of the way the oyster mushroom cultivation is very easy, can be done throughout the year and do not require great expense. Oyster mushrooms effort not to disturb the ecosystem environment. When viewed from the promised benefits, but can be used as a side job can also be used as a main job.

Raising Mechanism 

To what oyster mushrooms? Currently on the market is a huge range or diversification of processed oyster mushrooms, including chips, stir-fried, spiced or nuggets. Which is usually served either dry, canned, and fresh. In the cultivation of oyster mushrooms usually have a regular cycle, starting with sawdust supply, do the sifting, seed sterilization mushrooms, oyster mushrooms until ready to harvest. 

How oyster mushroom cultivation can be done in a sawdust medium, reed, paper waste, bagasse, etc.. In addition, it could also be given in the form of a mixture of bran or bran in it with comparable levels of 80: 20. Earlier material (mixture) then put in a plastic bucket, then compacted and sterilization for 10-14 hours with the aim of suppressing microbes that can inhibit the growth of fungi and destructive.

Stages of Cultivation

In stage sterilization is done by heating the temperature 95 degrees celsius baglog within 8-12 hours. Once completed, baglog cooled in a closed room for 24 hours aiming to avoid contamination. After the sterilization stage is completed, the next stage is to do the inoculation stage is a process of transmission of the mycelium of seeds into the planting medium. To expedite this process can be done in the inoculation chamber and in a sterile room.

The next stage is the stage of growth of fungal mycelia or incubation stage is usually performed for approximately 40-60 days. Noteworthy in this stage, the temperature of the room should really be kept in conditions of 22-28 degrees Celsius and has a humidity 70-90%. After that, where baglog have white, baglog be moved to kumbung (usually after the age of 40 days).

After the end of baglog open, usually between 7-14 days, the body will grow fruit. Oyster mushroom harvest is done in stages, where the first harvest 30 days after the penyobekan baglog, then the next harvest 10-14 days. Then after harvest, what to do to maintain the durability of oyster mushrooms? Mushrooms are harvested immediately stored in a freezer or cooler to be resistant within one or two weeks.

For product dried mushrooms, mushroom drying process carried out for 5 days in the sun. Similarly, the article how many mushroom cultivation may provide inspiration.

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