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I’ll give you a few minutes to finish staring at the sexy abs on the cover of HARD EDGE (Cobra Elite, #4) before we move on here… I know. It takes some time.

Okay. Are you all with me now?

Hard Edge is Dylan Cruz’s story and takes place in Venezuela amid the social unrest and humanitarian crisis that has forced so many Venezolanos to flee their own country, including a good friend of mine.

He’s got a long journey to his happily ever after. In fact, he doesn’t anticipate having a happily ever after. But life has other plans. Here’s a sneak peek at the story:

Gabriela Marquez came to her parents’ homeland of Venezuela to help its people. Working undercover for the CIA as Sister María, a Franciscan nun, she spends long days at the mission, giving food to the poor, helping the sick—and keeping a close watch on local drug trafficking. When a violent raid makes her a hostage together with two American journalists, she finds herself the prisoner of the very cartel she’s been spying on. Fortunately for the journalists—but not so luckily for her captors—Sister María is not what she seems to be. Hiding behind her nun’s habit, Gabriela puts her training to use to ensure the hostages’ survival.

Dylan Cruz spent the better part of a decade with Seal Team Six, ridding the world of scum. Now an operative with Cobra International Security, he’s sent to Venezuela with a small team to gather intel for a hostage rescue. Against all expectations, he gets valuable information from one of the hostages—a beautiful young nun. Sister María of the Gorgeous Brown Eyes puts R-rated thoughts in his mind, thoughts he has no business thinking. Then again, he always figured he’d end up in hell.

When the rescue fails, Dylan finds himself trapped in hostile territory with lovely Sister María. Together, they go underground to reach the Colombian border, but Sister María is full of secrets—and enticing surprises. Beneath that shapeless, gray habit is a woman whose abilities—and passions—are a match for Dylan’s. As the desire between them ignites, what should have been a straightforward mission of evade-and-escape turns into a fight for survival against a murderous cartel boss who wants them both dead.

So far, it’s been a fun story to write, and now that the action is heating up, I expect things to get steamy on my computer.

The story will be out this spring in both ebook and paperback. You can preorder your copy now and have it in your hands on April 21. Right now, you can preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

I can’t wait to share their crazy adventure with you all.

As for the rest of this year, I still have Thor Isaksen and Malik Jones’ stories to share. I hope to get a historical written — possibly Lord William’s story — as well as one other book. Not sure what yet. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and, hey, WASH YOUR HANDS!

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