Caterpillars are the most common pests in oyster mushroom cultivation. Three factors explain the emergence of this pest is a factor moisture, dirt from the rest of the base / stalk weevil or mold and mildew are not terpanen, as well as a not bad environment clean.

Caterpillar pests arise when excessive humidity. Therefore, caterpillar pests are common during the wet season. Prevention is the best solution to overcome this pest is to regulate air circulation. You do this by opening holes for circulation and temporarily halted keumbung watering process.

The base of the mold is left behind in baglog when harvesting can cause small animals like ladybugs. Ladybug that is the cause of caterpillar pests. While the fungus is not likely to occur because the fungus terpanen not pop out so missed when harvesting and become rotten. This led to the emergence of caterpillars. Preferably, when the harvesting baglog has confirmed it clean so that no base or stem and fungi are not terpanen.

Caterpillars may arise because kumbung home or around kumbung not berseih. For example, the presence of animals or plants in cages around the house kumbung.

To prevent and address pest caterpillars, do house cleaning kumbung kumbung and around the house spraying with formalin.

Ants, Spiders, and Kleket (a type of mollusc) 

Mechanically pest ants and spiders can be overcome by dismantling the nest and douse with kerosene. While the poverty re pests can be controlled by spraying insecticides. This way is the way and try to avoid the use of insecticides if the attack is not severe because the fungus is an organic product. Advantage if the insect pest control is done by mechanical means, among others, can cut costs for maintenance and also environmentally friendly. Meanwhile kleket pest often found in the mouth baglog. To control it is also done by mechanical means, ie pick it up by hand.

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