Grow Your Garden Anywhere


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Some form of gardening seems to be in everyone’s blood. It might be for the love of beauty, fascination with the world of plants, the feeling of accomplishment or for health benefits. Yet, many feel defeated before they begin simply because they don’t think they have the right space to garden.

Don’t despair. Let me assure you, THERE’S ALWAYS A SPACE TO GROW. From the smallest window sill to the back forty acres, successful gardens can be established. Plants “know” this instinctively. They can take root in the smallest, most inhospitable places and thrive. 


Grass in crack Image by Shepherd Chabata from Pixabay

Whatever the situation, there are plants to fill any nook, cranny, pot, box, room or yard.

To begin, define your needs, interests and limitations. Are you casting about for ideas? Take a walk through your neighborhood or city to see what others are doing. 


Container gardening Savannah

Visit public gardens, or make friends and visit their private spaces. Browse the internet. Do you just want something green? Do you crave beauty? Do you want to eat your plants? Write these things down.

Do you prefer certain plant types such as tropicals, succulents, herbs, bulbs, bulbs, or veggies, for example? Make your list. If your space is very limited, make it a short one.


Urban gardening Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

Which brings us to assessing your available space. Account for the size, light and temperature exposure, and accessibility. While you’re at it, assess your own limitations. You might not have a lot of time to care for plants, or the mobility to do so. Seek advice. Record your evaluation. You can always find something to satisfy the needs.

With all those things in mind, and having narrowed your scope, select your plants. Browse the internet, thumb through plant catalogs, visit local garden shops, BUT DON’T BECOME DISTRACTED. Keep your plan in mind and your list in hand. Focus, FOCUS, FOCUS!


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Next, purchase the appropriate supplies: containers, soils, fertilizers and tools.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask for help or do a little research to find answers to your gardening questions. Your local Cooperative Extension office should have plenty of brochures, and the experts there might give personal insights. Blogs like this one are packed with info. Folks sometimes reach me by phone or email through for assistance. YouTube is crowded with videos and insights offered by “half the free world and China.” You won’t be at a loss for help.

From there on out, you’ll have success, make some mistakes, learn more, and have fun. 


Raised bed Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

So Go Garden Now! 

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