FIRE AND RAIN Cover Reveal and Back Blurb!


I am so in love with this cover! 

Fire and Rain, the first book in my new Wildest Alaska series, featuring Coast Guard heroes, will be out on June 28. Here’s your first glimpse of the cover. Read on for a description of the story.

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Note: This series is contemporary action and adventure romance, not romantic suspense. I realize the line can be thin at times, but it’s there.

I have always been drawn to Alaska. When I was little, I used to look at an old painting of mountains on the wall, imagine it was Alaska, and then daydream about homesteading there with my sister. For some reason, I envisioned us building a sod hut and making our way as children on our own. 

Hey, dream big, right? Or maybe that was my writer’s imagination already at work.

Fast forward a few decades, and I fell in love with Alaska itself on my older son’s honeymoon cruise. I saw vast expanses of water with more whales than I could count. I also went on a float plane for a bear excursion and watched black bears munch salmon and fight one another for the best fishing spots. (I had a crazy craving for sushi after that.) I also visited a glacier, hiked through a national park, and sat on the balcony of my stateroom watching some of the earth’s most beautiful scenery drift by. 

It’s only natural for me to set a series there. 

What can you expect from the Wildest Alaska series? Brave men and women unafraid to live in and near the wilderness. Coast Guardsmen willing to risk their lives to save others. Sexy love stories as big as the landscape where they’re set. And lots of search-and-rescue action.

I love the natural world, and some of my best writing involves the landscape as its own character.

Here’s the description I promised you. Watch for an excerpt here soon!

Lives shattered…


Sean McKenna joined the Coast Guard to save lives. Now a flight mech, he loves living and operating in the wilds of Alaska. When a mission goes terribly wrong, Sean is badly injured. But no pain can compare to the guilt he feels over the loss of his best friend. It was Sean’s job to keep Justin, the rescue swimmer, safe. Now Justin is dead, leaving his wife, Eden, without a husband and their toddler son, Maverick, without a father. The best Sean can do is step up and help Eden in any way he can. As the months go by, he finds himself fighting a growing attraction to her. He knows people on base are talking. What kind of man hooks up with his best friend’s widow? But the heart wants what it wants, and this desire can’t be denied—because it’s mutual.

A heart torn…


Eden Koseki loved Justin from the moment he jumped out of a hovering helicopter, swam to shore, and asked her for her name and number. She thought they had all the time in the world. Losing him and the future they’d planned together is more devastating than she could have imagined. It’s only the support of her family—and Sean’s steadfast presence—that get her through those first months of overpowering grief. But as the weeks pass, she feels unexpectedly drawn to him. When she’s with him, she’s able to smile and laugh again—especially while watching him play with little Maverick. Still, her emotions leave her torn between loyalty to Justin’s memory and the living, breathing man who makes her feel alive again.


A second chance… if they’re both brave enough to take it


As winter turns to summer and snow turns to rain, the heat between Sean and Eden intensifies. So does the gossip in town. Still, Eden isn’t about to let anyone interfere in her business. She knows now just how fragile life can be. When Sean’s sense of duty threatens to keep them apart, Eden knows she must help him move past his survivor’s guilt—or risk losing this second chance at deep love and lasting happiness.

Tropes: Military romance, contemporary romance, best friend’s widow, action and adventure, search and rescue

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