Change, Homemaking and Wise Economy

Of all the simple pleasures waiting for us in our homes, my favourite is sleeping on newly washed sheets that have been dried in the sun. Last night I drifted off into a deep sleep, cuddled by warm sheets smelling of sunshine. Bliss! Sometimes these small simple pleasures are what keep you going on hard days. Having the capacity and awareness to plan your days, your budget and to keep yourself focused on your goals. Being able to sit down to a good meal cooked from scratch, or to defrost one from your stash of meals that you keep exactly for such a day. Enjoying what you have right there in your home and working to a routine and rhythm that carries you through each day without having to think what comes next. They are some of the simple pleasures I’ve built into my life.

However, now that I’ve written that I realise my rhythm has gone!  Hanno and I were together for 45 years and we each chose what housework and yard work we wanted to do. It wasn’t set in stone because life is never predictable and when things changed we had to be flexible (without whinging about it). When I was writing books, Hanno did more housework than I did. In the last nine months of his life, I did most of his outside work.  Over the years, with the repetition of our various chores, we developed rhythm to our days and that helped us carry out those chores. In fact it made it easier.  I realise now that since Hanno died I’ve been struggling with the rhythm of my housework – knowing by experience when to do what and how it fits in with the overall scheme of things. That was one of the many things shaken to the core when Hanno died. He was part of that rhythm. I’ll have to restore it because for me, that’s one of the main keys to tending a home and enjoying it.

My inside work this week has been in the kitchen and dining area. I’ve simplified both spaces and I’m happy with the outcomes.  I’m still working on the dresser and book case but I have plenty of time to finish them off before I move on to another part of the house. I love moving things around, it gives a fresh, new look to a room and a feeling of contentment, productivity and renewal. I wonder if you feel that too.

I can’t say I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. I worked steadily on decluttering, started building a flower garden on the front verandah, I cooked and cleaned and watched YouTube. I clipped Gracie and removed a large bucket full of her thick black fur. But at the end of the clipping, I got tired and so did she so I didn’t get around to doing her head or legs. When I look at her legs now she’s got a kind of poodle cut – smooth body with puff balls on her legs and head.  LOL. I hope to finish the job tomorrow and bring back a more balanced look. 

Here she is!  Gracie with her French poodle cut. Eek!

Like the rest of you, I’ve been horrified by the wild fires in America and Europe and the house fires in London. Seeing family homes and wild habitats burn is heartbreaking.  All those years of building a house and creating a home – for humans and wildlife, gone. It must be the strongest reminder to us all that we have to change the way we live or those weather extremes will become part of our “normal” world. We all have to start at home, doing what we can to stop spending, cutting down on the use of single-use plastics, saving water and energy and simplifying everything we can while we still live a good life. It can be done. 

I hope you’re well and safe.  Covid is a big problem again in Australia so I’ve been staying at home and wearing a mask when I go out.  Take care.  xx

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