Free Twisted Rib Large Mug Cozy Knitting Pattern with Videos

Last year I created this pattern for my super duper huge mug (holds about 3 cups) that I use to drink coffee every mourning from. I couldn’t find any patterns to fit my huge mug so I decided to make up my own pattern!  I’ve been using my mug cozy for over a year now and I love it.  It’s even great for keeping smoothies in the summer cold which I live in on the summer.  I have certainly gotten a lot of use out of my mug cozy!

 I wanted it to look like a cable but to not need a cable needle, since I don’t have one.  I decided to use the twisted rib stitch, which I now truly love.  It’s very simple for newbie knitters to learn.  It has stretch and adds interesting detail.  If you’ve never tried it yet don’t be shy it’s easy to learn, just check out the video below.  I made mine in wool, since I love natural fibers, but in hind sight I would recommend acrylic yarn so that it is easier to wash.  Mine gets dirty pretty fast!  

 Twisted 2 X 1 Rib Large Mug Cozy Pattern 

This free pattern fits

a mug 4”diameter
13.5 “ around and 4” high. 

Materials Needed

Size 10 needles

Double knitwith 2 worsted weight
yarns or bulky yarn

Crochet hook f (for binding off)

A Button

Tapestry needle


CO 44

Twisted Rib stitch as follows (video below): 

Row 1: K1 (TTB), P2 rep to end

Row 2: P1 K2 (TTB), rep to end

Twisted Rib stitch (2 1/2 min)

Rep row 1 and 2 until 1/2”

CO 8 stitches using backward loop
method (video below)

Backward Loop Cast On (2 min)

Work in pattern until 1 ¼ then make
buttonhole on extension using YO, K2T method (video below)

How to Knit: Buttonholes (1min)

Work in pattern until 1 ¼ andon a
K1 P2 row, bind off extension and continue with pattern for the body

Continue pattern on body for another
¾ “ and bind off, weave in ends, and sew on button that fits the
whole made well. The finished product should measure 1 + 2 ½ =3
1/2 inches

If you try this pattern please let me know how yours turns out, via comments or posting on ravelry.  It’s always fun to see what other people make with my ideals!

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