DIY Detachable Removable Peter Pan Collars

I’m currently teaching my sewing classes and one of my students really loves unique collars.  This reminded me that I always wanted to make a detachable collar.  I love the idea of it being like jewelry in the sense you can add it to any outfit.  The possibilities are endless!  Here are my favorite tutorials I have found.

You could crochet one like above and below from Grow Creative. This is probably the first one I will try because I have been more into learning how to crochet and knit since I’m pretty advanced with sewing.  I love a challenge. Knitting or crocheting one would take more time, but so worth it I think look at how cute this collar is?  Get the Free crochet collar pattern from LuLu Loves.

 Another option that would take little time and only require a tiny bit of hand sewing is to make one out of felt (like the tutorial below from Honestly WTF), pleather, or leather (from SequinBlog).  No sewing machine needed.  Since the edges won’t fray you don’t need to make any seams.  You can also punch through holes in the fabric since it won’t fray.  The tutorials below uses a hole punch for each scallop, but I’m sure there are many other cool ways you could add cut out designs to your collar.  I’d imagine scrap booking would have some nifty cut out like this 3 in 1 lace corner punch cut out tool, or this floral vine edger punch from Martha Stewart Crafts.  I doubt this would work on leather or pleather, but might work on felt.  Try at your own risk as I have not tested this idea yet and they are made for paper, but if you scrap book any ways I would try it.

This tutorial comes from Sequin Blog, which no longer exists so the pic above is all the directions available but making it in leather should be very similar to the collar made by  Honestly WTF

You could also make one sewing on a sewing machine with fabric with a fun print like quilting cotton fabric like this one by My Sparkles (pictured below), or a bright color to color block with outfits.

I also like the idea of a collar in a neutral color with embellishments such as lace, crystals, studs, glitter, beads, sequins, and rhinestones.   Megan Nielsen’s collar below is a great example.

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