Big Sexy Vintage Voluminous Sixties Retro Hairstyle Tutorials

Unfortunately there is no tutorial for this modern version of a 60s do but with the tutorials below I’m sure you could figure it out!  Image via

I’ve always loved big teased long hair with a bit of a throwback to the sixties, especially with pale glossy lips and black eye liner and mascara (just don’t go to literal 60s make-up so it doesn’t look like a costume).  The bigger and pouffier (is that even a word?)the better.  Harken your inner Bridget Bardot, Priscila Presley, Jean Shrimpton,and Sophia Loren. Think big long and styled but in a sexy bed head kind of way. Total sex kitten.  Pair it with a sun dress, little black dress, or a black turtle neck and jeans for a full proof knock out look.

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Below are Pictures that have inspired this series, and after you’ve been inspired scroll down to check out tutorials for similar hairstyles.

Inspiration: image via

I love how her makeup is just a little retro without over doing it, to still keep it modern.

Inspiration:  I love this modern take on a sexy 60s teased hairdo image via

 I’m loving the side swept bangs with the big teased 60s bouffant hair shown top and bottom.

I love this bouffant style with a messy side ponytail and side swept bangs.

Inspiration: Kim Kardashion rocks 60s hair and makeup image via

I could really care a less about Kim Kardashion, since I’ve never seen the Karadashion’s show, but you have to love her hair and make-up here.   Sixties at it’s best.  The only thing I would change is to lose the bunny ears and wear a top!

Inspiration image found via

 I love how this picture looks both retro and modern.  The barrette with the side swept “bangs” is a nice touch.  Maybe one with a little sparkle?

Inspiration: sixties style low pony tail image via

How cute is this voluminous sixties retro side parted low pony tail?

Inspiration: Here’s a great modern take on a sixties do

I’m loving the big bouffant sixties style in a more wearable modern every day way.  The above picture is a great example.

Now that we’ve looked at a lot of inspiration,let’s see if we can recreate it.  Here are the best tutorials I found for similar hairstyles to my inspiration pictures.

Half Up Half Down Modern Beehive

I love the ideal of having your hair in a half up half down hairdo that’s got some volume to it. So
cute for a wedding! Either for a bride or even if you are just
attending.  I’ve found a few different ways to create a modern sixties beehive half updo.  Style Serendipity
has a full tutorial that uses teasing to create this hairstyle.    While this tutorial uses teasing to get height you could also use a volume lift insert to achieve this look as well as discussed above.

  Lovely Imperfect has a full tutorial for a different version of the half up do with bouffant volume.

Long Hair Down Sixties Bouffant

Bobby Glam has a full tutorial of how to get this sexy bouffant style.

High Volume Big Dolly Hair

Inspired by Dolly Parton  A Beautiful Mess shows you how to bet her big country locks.

A Modern Updo Beehive

Check out Beauty Riot’s tutorial for a modified beehive.  It’s basically a lot of back combing that’s covered by hair and then secured into a low twist or knot.

I hope you enjoyed all the vintage 60s hairstyle tutorials in this article, and the rest of our Big Sexy Sixties Hair Series.  I know I’ll be sporting it myself with some cute vintage dresses this spring/summer! 

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