Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

One of the best thing about summer is you can rock your sunglasses all you want!  This season I ordered some online.  I have never bought sunglasses online before.  I love buying things online these days because I buy less stuff impulsively and save a ton of time.  The problem with buying sunglasses online though is that you can’t try them on.  How do you know what will look good if you can’t try them on?  Well before placing my order for some sunglasses with ICU eyeware, I researched into what works best for my face shape (oval).  Apparently I can wear any style and look good.  Well that made my day!  I opted for the classic styles from ICU with a hint of fun.  I choose 4 different cat eye styles: Tortoise cat eye in brown and yellow, cat eye with brown leatherette, and black retro cat eye (pictured above). They also have some great styles in their ecoline which uses recycled materials. Can you tell I like cat eyes? Puuur…haps it’s because I like cats? 

So What Face Shape Are You?

To figure out your face shape just look into a mirror or a picture of yourself and look at the chart above.  Which one looks the most like you?  Keep in mind it’s possible to be a combination of two.  For example, I know that I am for sure oval but possibly long as well.  When in doubt just type in the face shape you suspect you are and google image search with terms like ” Heart (or whatever your face shape is) Face Shape Celebrity”  and you should get a bunch of examples. 

What Sunglasses Work Best For Your Face Shape?

Yes: Soft angular shapes are good, but any style will really work on an oval face.

 As I mentioned before I have an oval face and I like cat eyes, often oversized and brown to go with my hair.  Below are pictures of the sunglasses I got from ICU Eye Wear (and one above).  What one do you think looks best on me?  You can vote in the comments on this posts or on our facebook page.

   I wasn’t sure about these yellow tortoise cat eye sunglasses at first, but I like them I think they’re fun and the yellow kind of blends in with my skin.

These tortoise cat eye sunglasses are the same style as the ones above.  I think these are my favs.  I think brown sunglasses look best with my brown hair colour and tortoise cat eyes are a classic.  They look great with everything.
 These brown leatherette Sunglasses were a bit of a surprise when I got them, they looked so different from the picture on their website.  I guess that’s one of the drawbacks to buying online, but that’s what return are for.  What do you think?  Which pair do you like most on me?


Kim Cattrall’s oval Sunglasses play off her square shaped face

Yes: Round, Oval, and Cat’s-eye frames 
No: sharp geometric shapes, square, angular, they accentuate angular features, bold colour or patterns on the bottom frame.


Jennifer Aniston rocking cat eyes with her heart shape face: Image credit Getty Images

Yes: Cat’s eye, and round frames

No: Overly embellished or busy sunglasses


Kirsten Dunst plays up her round face with cat eyes

Yes: wide, wider than they are deep, rectangular frames,
No: round frame, and coloured lenses that suggest fullness, extremely small glasses (should cover your eyebrows).

Yes: curved and square frames, details on top frame, and rimless frames

So now that you know what face shape you are check out the graphic above to see what style works best for you.  When in doubt just follow this basic principle behind finding the perfect sunglasses lies in
knowing your face shape and picking out the opposite shape in your
frames. By going for the polar opposite, you avoid looking overly square
or too round by balancing the ratio of shapes. When in doubt, just
remember to go for the opposite!

Other Tips For Picking out the Best Sunglasses 

  • Try an app that let’s you virtually try on eyeglasses.  Simply download a face shot of yourself and select glasses to try on.  You can download ICU’s App for free in ITunes store.  I did not try this myself because I didn’t realize it was there before ordering.  I’m sure many other companies that sell sunglasses online have similar apps for free.
  •  Match Your Sunglasses to the Style of Your Outfit.  Consider what style of clothes you will wear mostly while wearing your sunglasses.  Also think of what colours you wear the most often.  You could try to match the color with your sunglasses or play off of it.
  • Consider the colour of your skin and hair.  You might like to try to match your hair color to your sunglasses like I do (brown sunglasses to match my brown hair), or go the extreme opposite.  For example if you are blonde black shades could make quite a statement.  

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