Best of Free Printable Tags/ Labels For Handmade Gifts

Check out this free printable tag for your hand knit or crochet gifts from Cobberson & CO

 It’s now the perfect time to start making any Christmas gifts you are planning.  And while you are at it why not start thinking about the packaging.  I was looking on pinterest for ideals and found that many free printable tags for handmade gifts are no longer there.  Most of the links were broken.  This left me compelled to share the few great ones I found that in fact do actually link to free pdf you can print.  Yea!

Why add labels to your handmade gifts?  Adding tags to your handmade items adds to the beauty and specialness of your creation.  You have to admit eye candy packaging makes any gift feel extra special I figure you’ve spent a lot of time making your gift why not go the extra mile and add the extra special touch.

These free printable made with tags from She Wears Many Hats above and from Little Monkey Crochet is a great tag that works with any handmade gift.

Adding care instructions to your handmade gifts can be very important.  Especially if it’s knitted from say wool.  Knit Picks has a great printable with various levels of care.

I like that the tag from Little Monkey Crochet has a printing option to write care instructions on the back or to print out two tags and glue two tags together.  If you are photoshop savy I would suggest opening this file in a photo editing software and typing the care instructions on the empty space (select the area you want to type and press the type tool, adjust type to your desired font and size and add your care instructions, finish by flattening image and saving. 
The free printable gift tags from How About Orange are great for everything from jewelry to coasters.  It works for just about everything!

The labels below from Everthing Etsy and are more geared toward Etsy artisans but the made with love, handmade for you by, and handmade with care labels are great for any project.  There are several different styles and sizes of labels to try too.

For more free printable labels for handmade goods and tutorials on how to make fabric labels check out my Pinterest board DIY labels/Tags

Now that you have tags and labels for your handmade creations, it’s time to make some gifts!  Check out my Top Ten Kickass Easy Handmade Gifts for ideals. ©! All rights reserved.

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